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Rodney "Weasel" Bedford began shaping surfboards at South Australia’s original surfboard factory, 'Jaybee Surfboards', and has since shaped 1,000s of boards for surfers all over the world. In the last 30 years an estimated 75% of South Australia's state title winners have won their titles on one of Weasel's shapes.

Beginning at Jaybee’s as a young surfboard repairer in 1965, Weasel shaped his first surfboard in 1966 at the age of 15.

He was tutored in shaping by his uncle, Bert Bedford, who was South Australia's first professional surfboard shaper, and by 1966 had shaped hundreds of surfboards out of balsa and polyurethane foam. Bert was also the first president of the Southern Cross Boardriders Club and involved in the formation of the South Australian Surfing Association (now known as Surfing SA).

From Byron Bay to Penong on South Australia's west coast and now residing south of Adelaide, Weasel has shaped for various manufacturers including Sunrise Surfboards, Lipstix Surfboards and - as head shaper at his own company - Cutloose Surfboards. He has also won numerous state titles on both shortboards and longboards including an open state title in 1978, while also representing South Australia in numerous Australian titles.

As far as shaping goes, Weasel has shaped every style of board you can imagine, from kneeboards through to longboards, all styles of fishs, twin fins, thrusters, nuggets, hybrids, stingers, mini-mals and sailboards. You name it, he's shaped it.

In 2017 Weasel is still at the forefront of innovation and design in surfboard manufacturing. He can recommend the right board, or replicate an old favourite, armed with all the knowledge and skills honed over 50+ years of experience in both competitive and recreational surfboards.

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