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/Lipstix Retro Twin Fins/

Based on the Lipstix twinnies of the '80s and incorporating the design features that worked back then such as V through the tail, channels between the fins and a retro beak nose.

Lipstix originated in the late '70s and produced predominantly twin-fins and single-fins until thrusters arrived on the scene in the early '80s. Before the company eventually morphed into Cutloose Surfboards in 1983, the Lipstix brand was a symbol of the surfing scene at that time.

Twinfins are perfect for surfing on the Mid Coast and those small days at Middleton.

Designs are available with hand-crafted rainbow style glassed in fins or FCS and Futures removable systems and can be made with retro sprays and tints from the 80s or your own preferred look.

*Surfboards perform best when custom ordered to suit your size and surfing ability.

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