/The Experiment/

Surfboards South Australia

The Experiment is an ongoing project for testing new ideas that build on the modern principles of surfboard design with an aim to produce improvements in performance across different surfing environments.

Currently we are working on a re-invention of the "V-quad". Originally tested by Rod 'Weasel' Bedford in the early '80s with success in punchy West Coast waves, we have adapted the idea to incorporate the features of modern performance shortboards.

The V-quad is designed to hold in better at the bottom of the wave to allow for more responsive turning ability in big, heavy surf. The main focus is to prevent the problem of having to nurse your bottom turns in order to avoid your back fin from slipping out. While the V-quad holds in better when taking a steep drop in hollow waves, it also holds a good line through the tube much like a modern 4-fin. Because of the responsiveness when driving off the bottom, it handles well when the tide fills in and promotes more vertical manouvres.

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